Monday, December 22, 2008

Bruce Barclay, founder of Las Manos, died

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Bruce Barclay

By Dwight Wayne Coop • November 1, 2008

Humanitarian, entrepreneur, and one of the founders of Modern Panajachel

Bruce Barclay, founder of a worker’s paradise in Panajachel, has died. The New Yorker of Jewish heritage was 60.

After arriving in Panajachel in 1978, Barclay had a vision for the east bank of the San Francisco River, which bisects Panajachel. He purchased the upper riverside and created a magnet for impoverished Mayas seeking a better deal from life. Bruce Barclay offered them one.

These people possessed what stoneware maven Ken Edwards calls a “corporate artistic gift,” a talent shared by whole communities. The local Mayas can take an introduced artistic medium and, without training, instinctively render it in new and beautiful permutations. (more)


Obituaries | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
Published: Friday, September 5, 2008 at 3:42 a.m.

More than two decades ago, Bruce Barclay opened Las Manos, ... Barclay's former wife, Diana Celeste, was a designer and seamstress who made the patterns ...

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Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
View of Lake Atitlan and volcano from my apartment balcony in Panajachel. Taken by Catherine Todd June 2008.