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Semana Santa ~ Easter Week in Guatemala

Semana Santa - Easter Week in La Antigua Guatemala (which takes place all over Guatemala, different dates each year). See for Semana Santa activities in Antigua Guatemala, starting April 2, 2009:

Easter Week Antigua

During Holy Week [first week of April 2009], La Antigua Guatemala hosts the most beautiful religious celebration in the Americas, when huge processions wind their way through the town’s streets. Actually, the celebration begins on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, and reaches its climax on Good Friday, when Antigua streets are thronged with processions and reverent spectator. The processions consist of big floats, or 'andas', bearing statues of Christ with a cross, that are carried by hundreds of purple-robed men.

A float with the Virgin Mary Follows by women dressed in black clothing. The processions move slowly through. Antigua cobblestone streets, the feet of the bearers cushioned in the sawdust carpets, which are destroyed as the procession passes over. Visiting Antigua during lent and Holly Week means an extraordinary spiritual rewarding experience which you will never forget.

Antigua Guatemala is famous for its spectacular and elaborate religious festivities during Easter Week (Holy Week - Semana Santa). But lets not forget the Carpets tradition (Alfombras de Acerrin), national and international visitors crowd streets not just to see the processions, but also to participate in the detalied elaboration of these colorful carpets to adorn the processional route.
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Easter Week Schedule
Important Note

This is the possible itinerary for Easter Week 2009 activities, starting April 2nd, 2009. There are no confirmations for some activities yet.
'Viernes de Dolores' will be April 03rd - 2009. (more)


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