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For installation of sewer treatment plants, I'm looking at Eko-Tek in Canada who uses a Solar Aquatics System (SAS). Eco-Tek creates chemical-free odorless systems, using orchards and gardens, which can be built for as little as $150,000.00. We need to try this at Lake Atitlan!

EKO-TEC, Western Canada's builder of Solar Aquatics Systems (SAS):

Reusing Wastewater as a Resource

ECO-TEK is an environmental leader in handling wastewater through purely biological means.

While most wastewater treatment facilities treat with chemicals and dispose of treated waste into our natural environment ECO-TEK builds fully biological systems. We use no chemicals and produce useful products at the end of our process. We can build ZERO-impact waste water treatment facilities.

Solar Aquatics downloads, info & tech sheets:

Havana Project Description: Urban sewage collection systems flow by gravity to creeks and streams of the Havana Metropolitan Park. A pilot “aquaculture” waste treatment facility is being designed and built to reclaim this wastewater for reuse as irrigation water for organic urban agriculture and to grow flowers for export to Canada.

See Eco-tek's Havana project:

ECO-TEK (Canada)
While most wastewater treatment facilities treat with chemicals and dispose of treated waste into our natural environment ECO-TEK builds fully biological ...

Company Info:

EKO-TEC Canada
Solar Aquatics System (SAS)
Kim Rink, President
Patrick Meyer, Chief Operations Officer
office phone: 778-298-6835, office fax: 778-298-6836
email: "EKO-TEC Canada" ,

Canadian Environmental Solutions (CES)
ECO-TEK Ecological Technologies Inc. - Complete Profile

Legal Name: ECO-TEK Wastewater Treatments Inc.
Operating Name: ECO-TEK Ecological Technologies Inc.

Mailing Address
10 - 20543 - 96th Ave.
LANGLEY, British Columbia
V1M 3W3
Location Address
10 - 20543 - 96th Ave.
LANGLEY, British Columbia
V1M 3W3

Telephone: (778) 298-6835
Fax: (778) 298-6836
Website URL:

Last Updated: 2009-06-05

Company Description

Sales: $1.5 million Exports: $0.50 Employees: 4

ECO-TEK Wastewater Treatments Inc., established in 1993, works in collaboration with Ecological Engineering of Massachusetts and local Canadian engineering firms to provide a full range of wastewater treatment and reuse services. ECO-TEK draws upon the appropriate expertise for each major project that it undertakes.

ECO-TEK works with municipalities, industries, and developers to apply the 3-R's principles: reduce, recycle, reuse. This results in the development of wastewater reduction policies and technology, advanced treatment and local reuse systems. This approach is both comprehensive and sustainable.

ECO-TEK is unique in that it designs its systems to use wastewater as a resource. Wastewater is primarily water, nutrients, chemicals and heat energy. Recycled nutrients and water can be used to grow trees for reforestation and landscaping, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Fish fingerlings to stock our lakes and rivers can thrive in the nutrient rich environment of a Solar Aquatics greenhouse. Purified water can irrigate an expanding organic market garden industry. ECO-TEK has associates to assist in the development of these diversified industries.

ECO-TEK maintains its quality assurance program by maintaining customer support via oversight contracts with municipalities, private developers, and industries. This is accomplished through constant computer network access to each facility and timely visits by ECO-TEK staff to ensure optimal efficiency of operation. Larger facilities include an on-site water testing lab operated by a local certified operator.

ECO-TEK frequently collaborates with client groups to develop unique wastewater treatment solutions, building on both the natural systems and the simple, yet advanced components of the Solar Aquatics System technology. The architecture and complexity of the system can be designed in a wide spectrum of ways, to adapt to the developing world.

ECO-TEK's mission, using Solar Aquatics technology, with its capability to recycle nutrients and remove toxins, is to improve the health of our lakes and river ecosystems, our aquifers, and our people. The Solar Aquatics technology opens opportunities to all rural and urban communities to turn their environmentally hazardous and increasingly expensive wastewater systems into job and income generating enterprises. ECO-TEK assists communities to use nature as a powerful ally.

ECO-TEK is engaged in ongoing research in collaboration with British Columbia universities to develop the technology for enterprises that have complementary uses to the technology, such as tree nurseries, aquaculture farms, market gardens, and greenhouse operations. Processes and systems used in these enterprises include: biosolids composting; biofilter systems; and waste heat recovery systems. Research has also been applied to wetland ecosystem restoration.

ECO-TEK regards its technologies as incubators of biodiversity. They are assets instead of liabilities, creating jobs and using wastewater as a resource for community regeneration.
Country of Ownership: Canada
Exporting: Yes
Primary Industry (NAICS): 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
Primary Business Activity: Services

Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: Environmental Products and Services

Product Name: Solar Aquatics Systems (SAS) technology.

ECO-TEK Wastewater Treatments Inc. provides full wastewater and residual biosolids treatment for a wide variety of wastestreams using a patented technology, the Solar Aquatics System (SAS). The SAS is a process that duplicates, under controlled conditions, the natural water purification methods of freshwater wetland ecosystems. Wastewater circulates through aquatic ecosystems inside a state-of-the-art solar greenhouse. The end product, besides plant life and composted biosolids, is high quality water suitable for irrigating parkland and gardens, or to be reintroduced into natural water systems.

Advantages include: Aesthetically Beautiful & Odorless: The lush, plant-filled greenhouse and its well aerated ponds with plant cover, allows the odorless Solar Aquatics facility to be located within urban areas rather than in remote locations. Costs and Earning Potential: The Solar Aquatics System reduces operating cost through low-energy, self-regulating, computer- monitored wetland processes in a solar greenhouse. It offers positive earning potential through aquaculture, greenhouse production, or silviculture. Decentralized Applications: Solar Aquatics is a modular system. Decentralization means smaller collection pipe infrastructure, minimal pumping costs, local reuse of purified water. It also means facilities can be added as and where the community grows. Environmentally Positive Impact: Solar Aquatics is capable of effectively removing toxic materials from a wide variety of wastewaters to produce clean water by slight changes in the process and without using chemicals harmful to the environment. Minimal Sludge Disposal: Conventional sewage treatment must cope with the ongoing problem of the disposal of sludge. Selected plants, biomass harvests, and plant filters such as tree seedlings neutralize toxic materials and produce marketable materials. Rapid/Modular Construction: Solar Aquatic technology components are high quality, lightweight, simple to assemble, and easy to replace or change. Reliability and Process Stability: Due to its vast diversity of organisms, Solar Aquatics handles variable inputs in quality and quantity of sewage, producing water that meets all Canadian drinking water quality standards.

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Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
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