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Atitlan tour 2010

The Lake Atitlan bicycle tour - 2010

Starting out with 27 participants the first year and 54 in the second, the event grew to 200 enthusiastic cyclers last year and they hope to reach the same amount in 2010. Many of these runners are nationals coming from around the lake or from departments like San Marcos, Huehuetenango, Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, Chimaltenago and Guatemala City but every year a few participants from the United States, U.K., Canada, The Netherlands and other countries join up to the event and enjoy this beautiful bike ride around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The event is an opportunity for anyone to get to know and enjoy the astonishing views around Lake Atitlan, in one day, by bicycle, completely organized!
Boarding boat from Panajachel to Tzununa50 people of personal and over 100 extra volunteers will be working on the 5th of December to make this Lake Atitlan bicycle tour an enjoyable event for all the participants. Boarding the boat from 6:00 to 7:00 am at the Panajachel public beach will take the riders to Tzununa from where they will bike towards San Pedro la Laguna. Here lunch will be provided before continuing to climb half the San Pedro volcano and arrive in Santiago Atitlan (Lunch) and San Lucan Toliman where everyone will assemble and wait for the boat to San Antonio Palopo. From here they ride through Santa Catarina to arrive back in Panajachel.
Inscriptions are open! (most bike-shops in Panajachel, throughout November or you can join up as late as the day of the event itself here in Panajachel, very early then.)

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Onil Stoves ~ uses significantly reduced wood for cooking in developing countries

The Ecocina_550 Model, from

The Problem

In the late 1980’s, medical teams reported an alarming number of children being treated for burns and respiratory problems. A number of concerned volunteers found the problem emanated from the way people cooked.

Most of the poor continue to cook over indoor fires located on the floors of unventilated homes. These fires cause debilitating burns, skin and eye problems.

Excessive smoke in homes results in respiratory problems that, according to the World Health Organization, are the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. Testing of carbon monoxide, a deadly toxin, found readings in the homes to be as much as twice the level considered dangerous.

These inefficient open fires also result in massive deforestation.

The Solution

After an exhaustive investigation of the cultural and technological factors surrounding open fires, the new, fuel-efficient Ecocina stove was developed by StoveTeam International. It is economical to build and operate, saving up to 60% of the wood currently used while also reducing particulate matter and carbon output by 70% ... (more)

* StoveTeam
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The Ecocina_550 Model

ECOCINE Kitchen is a small, highly efficient, but less polluting fuel kitchen. Uses less than 40% of the wood needed for a typical open fire for cooking, and fuel needs can be both twigs and sticks ears to 1.5 "/ 4cm in diameter. The emiciones CO CO ² and the ECOCINE are approximately 10% of typical emiciones an open fire. These results have been verified in an independent study done to so require the EPA to take Research Center. The kitchen is ECOCINE principle, a well tested, but not patent 'rocket elbow'. The kitchen incorporates several improvements ECOCINE meaning.


Note: Onil Stoves use so much less wood for fuel that they are preventing burns in children and smoke inhalation by family members, are saving forests and trees and preventing erosion and mudslides, and are given out around Guatemala and other developing countries where many still cook with wood. I think the people have to pay 1/2, perhaps Q 860 ($100 US), but Grupo International will help when they can by contributing around Q350 and they come up with the rest. It's a excellent program. I helped pay for one for my landlady in Panajachel, and it works GREAT.

See or contact Marco Tulio Guerra, 502-5184-9521, cel 502-7922-1861.


La Cocina Ecocina - StoveTeam
La Cocina Ecocina. en Español. StoveTeam · NEWS · Donate · Why stoves? .... Contactos. Guatemala. Marco Tulio Guerra Tel. 502-5184-9521. Cel. 502-7922-1861 ...

StoveTeam International News
In Guatemala, Marco Tulio's factory is gearing up for production. .... StoveTeam International a 501(c)(3) organization. PO Box 51025. Eugene, OR 97405 ...

StoveTeam International News
Marco Tulio's factory in Guatemala is beautiful and up and running. .... StoveTeam International a 501(c)(3) organization. PO Box 51025. Eugene, OR 97405 ...


Marco Tulio Guerra
Tel. 502-5184-9521
Cel. 502-7922-1861

El Salvador
Gustavo Peña
Inversiones Falcon
Tel. 503 -2451-9605

Ing. Sergio A. Salinas
Tel. 504-782-0530/31
Cel. 9995-3120

Festival Atitlan 2011 ~ March 19, 2011

Roberto Luz Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 1:30 PM

Dear Friends:

March 19, 2011 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Festival Atitlán.
We have gradually been changing and improving things over the years, and have evolved into a very special and unique event. With your help we plan on making this the best one yet. It's time to start moving energies and putting together the threads that will be the Lake Atitlan International Music and Arts Festival 2011.

Although we are growing, it is very important to maintain the festival atmosphere of peace, brotherhood, positivism, and the spirit of cultural and social exchange where we can gather with people of all races to celebrate the great diversity and to share the flowers of our diverse cultures. At the same time it is necessary to continue the philosophy of using the funds generated by the event to support local projects that will improve life on Lake Atitlán. It’s proof that regular folks can unite to cooperate and achieve improvements in the future of all people. Artistic activism. The festival will always remain a nonprofit event. If the event was commercial, it just wouldn’t work.

Every year we have grown, and we had more than 1000 participants in 2010. To date, the Festival has maintained itself exclusively with the sale of tickets (a donation of Q100 for "visitors" and Q50 for "locals") and labor donated by the organizers and participants. To produce a festival of this kind field it is necessary to build a temporary village with all its services, and then make it disappear and return the forest to its natural state.

For 2011, we decided to seek economic and logistical assistance to achieve improvements to help ensure that the Festival continues to make progress. This is the help we are looking for:

1. The biggest discussion we have been having between this year organizers is about whether we should extend the festival to two days. This would allow more performers to participate, and also give us more time for the non-musical arts and the children section.

What has prevented us from having a two day event in the past is simply the lack of economic resources to pay for a second day’s rent on the sound equipment. This year there are rumors of finding money for the equipment, but a second day means doubling the infrastructure (health, security and control, accounting, etc.) It would be necessary to hire extra staff for those positions.

2. We are expecting more people in 2011, and we have been using the same composting toilets for 5 years, we need to build more.

3. As always, we need art materials for the children’s section.

4. All artists and organizers participating in the Atitlán Festival donate their art and time. The festival takes responsibility for their room and board, and traditionally we have supported them with a small incentive to pay for gasoline. We have had offers from top quality national and international musicians who only seek the money to get them here, and we had to refuse because of lack of funds. These groups include "Congreso" from Chile, "Toots and the Maytals" from Jamaica, Buffy StMarie from Canada, and "Sobrevivencia" from Guatemala. In 2011 I am trying to bring a Native American dance troupe from the United States, complete with drums, costumes, and paint… a genuine exchange cultural.

5. In the past our lack of resources limited the amount of propaganda, and I am sure that, with further support from the press and with paid newspaper ads we would attract more viewers. If you have connections with the press, please help us.

6. Our eco-project on the cyanobacteria problem, which we began in 2010, is producing ecological and cultural educational materials. We have produced and we're handing out 5000 copies of the first eco-comic, which is for adults: "Ixim Acha o Ciano Acha…Que Puedo hacer yo Para Eliminar la Cianobacteria en el Lago Atitlán", and we are in the process of finishing a tale for children: "Berta Basura", which will be published in December. We are looking for money to produce the second edition of Cianoacha…. In addition, in November the first wave of mini eco-videos (mostly on the cyanobacteria) that we have been preparing to give to the cable stations around the Lake is ready. If you have connections with any of these stations, please connect us. You can see some examples of these projects on their page on our internet site:

Apart from economic help Festival Atitlán we need lots of help in all phases of the project, from organization to trash. In 2010 there were more than 80 people who helped produce the show, and if we have a two day event we will need more. We are in the process of developing a complete jobs list. I will send it to you when it’s ready.

And finally, I want to make a call to all musicians, dancers, actors, poets, clowns and artists of all kinds to come to share your art and good energy and help Festival Atitlán 2011 to be the best event of the year.

Roberto Luz ,

Catherine S. Todd Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 4:19 PM
To: Roberto Luz
Two days would be GREAT. How much is needed for the second day's rent on the sound equipment? What we can do to help the cyanobacteria is imperative. Thank you for all you good work for the festival and the lake! Looking forward to an update, and posting this on my Lake Atitlan Directory blog.

Yours, Catherine Todd (contact and links below)

Vote for "A Class Apart, Guatemala" on the BBC World Challenge

Note: Vote for "A Class Apart, Guatemala" on the BBC World Challenge. Same group, different name. THANKS! CT

A class apart - Guatemala - World Challenge 10
Mateo Paneitz went to Comalapa, Guatemala, in 2003 as a Peace Corps volunteer. Peneitz's desire to help this impoverished, predominantly Mayan community ...

A Class Apart - World Challenge 10
Long Way Home – A Class Apart – Alexandra Posada - Guatemala. 27-09-2010 ...


Vote for Long Way Home in The World before 12th November 2010!

I just got back from visiting in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala, who are building the most beautiful and incredible technical school with recycled materials including tires, earth bags and plastic bottle "bricks" filled with dirt or sand. This project is just stunning and they are going to help us do the same thing here in Panajachel, Guatemala.

The school is so beautiful with arched doors and windows and an arched ceiling, and colored glass bottles in the ceilings and walls with the sunlight shining through. Once the walls are plastered over you would never know it was made with rammed earth tires and bottle "bricks." This is definitely the wave of the future for green building!

This will change everything, and make such a huge difference for people who have lost their houses in the last three hurricanes that have hit Lake Atitlan, as people will learn how to build with free materials clogging the landfills or contaminating the rivers. Long Way Home is training people to build with these techniques. I can't wait to begin myself! We will work with them as partners to build a technical school, with art, music and computer classes as well in 2011. We're gathering free materials to recycle starting today, "as we speak."

Long Way Home needs votes right away for their excellent building project, as they have been chosen as one of the 2010 FINALISTS out of thousands of entries!

Voting closes 12th November 2010.

Can you vote for them and pass this along? They are an excellent group that are helping to change the world. I promised to get twenty votes before voting closes, so here you go...

Long Way Home / Welcome!
Vote Online for Long Way Home in the BBC World Challenge: Education, Employment, and Breaking the ... Follow longwayhomeinc. Content © by Long Way Home ...,
contact by email:"Genevieve Croker" ,

See their video:

Then Vote!,


Catherine Todd

Catherine Todd
3007 Bent Tree Dr. Oxford NC 27565
H 919.693.0853 U.S. cell 919.605.0727

"The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need do is set our sails."
"Los vientos del golpe de gracia todo el tiempo. Todo lo que necesitamos hacer es establecer nuestras velas."

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

"Peace and justice are goals for man." - Martin Luther King


Guatemalan Arts & Crafts (GAC)
Panajachel, Lake Atitlan
Guatemala cell (dial 011 from the U.S.):
(502) 5013.6300

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Sharing the Dream in Guatemala, Santiago Elder Center, Mayan Traditions

Sharing the Dream is an umbrella organization for many projects in the Lake Atitlan region. They have the Santiago Elder Center and Mayan Traditions.

Diane is in the states but goes down to Guatemala several times a year and has staff in Guatemala for the various projects. Contact:

Diane Nesselhuf
(402) 953-1249

(from EF, email, 9-14-10)

605.624.6895 | | 10 W. Main, Vermillion, South Dakota 57069

Maya Traditions Foundation - United States & Guatemala
Maya Traditions - Weaving Cultural Identity with Opportunity .... Wholesale buyers outside of the United States can buy F.O.B. directly from ...


* Candle Group
* Casa Guatemala
* Colores de Guatemala
* Creaciones Chonita
* El Bongo
* El Bosque
* Flor del Campo
* Foundations for Education
* Humberto
* Maya Traditions
* Mayan Hands
* Oxlajuj B'atz'--Thirteen Threads
* Ruth y Nohemi

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Gifts With Humanity, Partners in Fair Trade and Global Crafts are all trademarks of Global Fair Trade Crafts Inc, 2808 Hibiscus Drive, Edgewater, FL 32141 - Tel 1.866.468.3438

Maya Traditions / Fundación Tradiciones Mayas

Starting on October 20th Maya Traditions will begin holding the remaining four workshops of its Leadership and Initiative Project for 2010. The participants of the workshops are 9 youth and 6 women that have been identified as strong leaders from the six communities with which Maya Traditions works ( Chirijox, Quiejel, Santa Clara, San Juan la Laguna,Patanatic and Chuacruz). The overall objective of the workshops are for the participants to identify and prioritize the problems affecting their communities and work together to develop projects to address an solve these problems. Dates for the rest of the 2010 workshops will be determined on the twentieth. For more information about our our Leadership and Initiative Project or about our Education Program in general, pleas contact:

Dora Martinez at

Maya Traditions (Fundación Tradiciones Mayas)


Casa del Arbol
Callejon Chotzar
Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala
Tel/Fax: 502-7762-2829
Direct Line from USA: 1-386-308-3448
(Not an International Call)

In Guatemala we have bilingual staff to serve you.

MPI Guatemala | Manna Project International

Manna Project International: Guatemala: Yo no se manana

Manna Project International: Guatemala. Friday, August 6, 2010. Yo no se manana. ¡Bienvenidos from MPI Guatemala's new house in Sololá! ...

Manna Project International: Guatemala

2 Nov 2010 ... Manna Project International: Guatemala .... Send mail to our new home at: MPI Apartado Postal #5. Solola 07001. Guatemala ...

Manna Project International: Guatemala: Guatemala welcomes Hillary ...

5 Mar 2010 ... Manna Project International: Guatemala ... Now we are in Sololá, well actually 10 minutes away in nearby Panajachel. ...

MPI Guatemala | Manna Project International

Help Manna Project Grow: Become an MPI Guatemala Founding Donor Today ... from Guatemala City, the community lies within the department of Sololá, ... ~ for NGO's & ONG's

Guatemala NGO Network
Antigua, Guatemala

About Us

La Antigua, Guatemala lies nestled the Valley of Panchoy, surrounded by mountains and three volcanos. Because of its legendary beauty and proximity to the Capital city of Guatemala, its services and international flights, it is attractive to visitors and residents alike. It is in this setting that the Guatemala NGO Network was conceived and has flourished. Founded by two Americans, Gene Budinger and Judy Sadlier as a community forum, attended by residents of La Antigua, who were active in helping Guatemalans to improve their lives and their communities, it has expanded to include many NGOs based outside of La Antigua and directed by Guatemalans, Europeans and Americans.

NGOs, for those who may not be familiar with the acronym, stands for Non-Government Organizations. The work we do is as varied as the work that charities do in Europe and the United States. However, in Guatemala, poverty is a way of life for 64% of the population, many who live in remote villages reached only by dirt roads. Many only speak their native Mayan language and do not read or write.

The Guatemala NGO Network is a forum for NGOs to learn about the work of each other, to collaborate and share resources and to learn about the laws and taxation and business practices that are essential for successful operation. Before our web site, we held quarterly public meetings to gather and exchange information. The web site now enables us to exchange even more information, not only with each other, but the community, the country and indeed, the world.

Here we offer the profiles and information of our participating NGOs and individuals. The information includes our various types of work, the locations in which we work, our current activities, our needs and the resources we have to share. Each month we will focus on a participating NGO. We will provide ongoing and updated information about “best practices”. We will be a window of opportunity for both volunteers and donors interested in our work.

Whatever your interest may be, we hope you enjoy this website, that you bookmark it for future visits and you participate with us in bringing a better life to many needy and deserving Guatemalans.

Onil Stove

Welcome to the ONIL Stove Site!

Our organization has developed a complete line of cooking stoves which replace the more dangerous "three stone cooking fires" commonly used in rural, third world countries.

Our stoves have proven extremely efficient, fast and eliminate many of the hazards associated with open flame cooking.

After an exhaustive, two year investigation of both the cultural, as well as technological factors surrounding open flame or three stone fires, the ONIL stove has proven to :

* Reduce smoke emission's from within the dwelling by 99%,

* Increased the cooking surface height - eliminating burns and/or uncontrolled fires,

* Created a 60-70% savings in fuel consumption - allowing for a reduction in deforestation.

Our stoves have been extensively field tested and we have placed well over 5000 stoves into service since 2003.

Please click on one of our many ICONS above to learn more about how YOU can "Change a Life" by assisting needy families in obtaining an ONIL stove.

The Plancha stove is made of cast concrete. It can be made in a manufacturing site and carried to the homes. Installation time is short and the stove may be used immediately following installation. The use of this stove reduces wood consumption by 60-70%. The Nixtamal stove is made to efficiently cook large quantities of boiled foods. Its combustion principles is the same as the plancha stove but is optimized for boiling large pots. The nixtamal stove is equally as efficient as the plancha stove.

Guatemala Office
Calzada Atanasio Tzul 21-00 Zona 12
Complejo Empresarial El Cortijo II
Bodega 517
Guatemala, Guatemala 01012
011(502) 2428-6600
011(502) 2428-6666 Fax

Onil Stove
15301 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 200
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 386-2901 | (972) 386-4294 (fax)

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
View of Lake Atitlan and volcano from my apartment balcony in Panajachel. Taken by Catherine Todd June 2008.