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Guatemala NGO Network
Antigua, Guatemala

About Us

La Antigua, Guatemala lies nestled the Valley of Panchoy, surrounded by mountains and three volcanos. Because of its legendary beauty and proximity to the Capital city of Guatemala, its services and international flights, it is attractive to visitors and residents alike. It is in this setting that the Guatemala NGO Network was conceived and has flourished. Founded by two Americans, Gene Budinger and Judy Sadlier as a community forum, attended by residents of La Antigua, who were active in helping Guatemalans to improve their lives and their communities, it has expanded to include many NGOs based outside of La Antigua and directed by Guatemalans, Europeans and Americans.

NGOs, for those who may not be familiar with the acronym, stands for Non-Government Organizations. The work we do is as varied as the work that charities do in Europe and the United States. However, in Guatemala, poverty is a way of life for 64% of the population, many who live in remote villages reached only by dirt roads. Many only speak their native Mayan language and do not read or write.

The Guatemala NGO Network is a forum for NGOs to learn about the work of each other, to collaborate and share resources and to learn about the laws and taxation and business practices that are essential for successful operation. Before our web site, we held quarterly public meetings to gather and exchange information. The web site now enables us to exchange even more information, not only with each other, but the community, the country and indeed, the world.

Here we offer the profiles and information of our participating NGOs and individuals. The information includes our various types of work, the locations in which we work, our current activities, our needs and the resources we have to share. Each month we will focus on a participating NGO. We will provide ongoing and updated information about “best practices”. We will be a window of opportunity for both volunteers and donors interested in our work.

Whatever your interest may be, we hope you enjoy this website, that you bookmark it for future visits and you participate with us in bringing a better life to many needy and deserving Guatemalans.

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Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
View of Lake Atitlan and volcano from my apartment balcony in Panajachel. Taken by Catherine Todd June 2008.