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Onil Stoves ~ uses significantly reduced wood for cooking in developing countries

The Ecocina_550 Model, from

The Problem

In the late 1980’s, medical teams reported an alarming number of children being treated for burns and respiratory problems. A number of concerned volunteers found the problem emanated from the way people cooked.

Most of the poor continue to cook over indoor fires located on the floors of unventilated homes. These fires cause debilitating burns, skin and eye problems.

Excessive smoke in homes results in respiratory problems that, according to the World Health Organization, are the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. Testing of carbon monoxide, a deadly toxin, found readings in the homes to be as much as twice the level considered dangerous.

These inefficient open fires also result in massive deforestation.

The Solution

After an exhaustive investigation of the cultural and technological factors surrounding open fires, the new, fuel-efficient Ecocina stove was developed by StoveTeam International. It is economical to build and operate, saving up to 60% of the wood currently used while also reducing particulate matter and carbon output by 70% ... (more)

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The Ecocina_550 Model

ECOCINE Kitchen is a small, highly efficient, but less polluting fuel kitchen. Uses less than 40% of the wood needed for a typical open fire for cooking, and fuel needs can be both twigs and sticks ears to 1.5 "/ 4cm in diameter. The emiciones CO CO ² and the ECOCINE are approximately 10% of typical emiciones an open fire. These results have been verified in an independent study done to so require the EPA to take Research Center. The kitchen is ECOCINE principle, a well tested, but not patent 'rocket elbow'. The kitchen incorporates several improvements ECOCINE meaning.


Note: Onil Stoves use so much less wood for fuel that they are preventing burns in children and smoke inhalation by family members, are saving forests and trees and preventing erosion and mudslides, and are given out around Guatemala and other developing countries where many still cook with wood. I think the people have to pay 1/2, perhaps Q 860 ($100 US), but Grupo International will help when they can by contributing around Q350 and they come up with the rest. It's a excellent program. I helped pay for one for my landlady in Panajachel, and it works GREAT.

See or contact Marco Tulio Guerra, 502-5184-9521, cel 502-7922-1861.


La Cocina Ecocina - StoveTeam
La Cocina Ecocina. en Español. StoveTeam · NEWS · Donate · Why stoves? .... Contactos. Guatemala. Marco Tulio Guerra Tel. 502-5184-9521. Cel. 502-7922-1861 ...

StoveTeam International News
In Guatemala, Marco Tulio's factory is gearing up for production. .... StoveTeam International a 501(c)(3) organization. PO Box 51025. Eugene, OR 97405 ...

StoveTeam International News
Marco Tulio's factory in Guatemala is beautiful and up and running. .... StoveTeam International a 501(c)(3) organization. PO Box 51025. Eugene, OR 97405 ...


Marco Tulio Guerra
Tel. 502-5184-9521
Cel. 502-7922-1861

El Salvador
Gustavo Peña
Inversiones Falcon
Tel. 503 -2451-9605

Ing. Sergio A. Salinas
Tel. 504-782-0530/31
Cel. 9995-3120

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Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
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